Such a peaceful look in a natural light shot

Lydia (@lydiamcbride) cares. She cares about things photographers care about.  She arrives on time and ready to roll.  If she wants to change looks, she can do it in a heartbeat.  She’s fast at both hair and makeup.  And perhaps best of all, Lydia has a great attitude.

Lydia will raise your appetite for more. Who knows what great photos follow?

Furthermore, Lydia cares about the photograph.  She has a knack for poses, and no fear.  She’ll strike that pose in bare feet in the snow (and then run inside and dunk them in a hot bath).  She’ll try when I want her to contort in a certain way, hold her hand a certain way, give me a look “just like that”.  Play some music, and she may sing and show off some dance moves.  Adorable.

Managing social media is also something Lydia is great at, and cares about.  She replies to comments, she knows the right times to post, and she’s adorably excited when people actually get it.  I get it.   Even if I did not know Lydia, I’d follow Lydia.  She’s a rising star (@lydiamcbride).

This expression is one I love. She has an amazing range of facial expressions.

Choosing a name for this blog was simple.  Lydia cares because Lydia is also a professional caregiver.  I’m a clinical psychologist.  I recognize professional commitment when I hear it.  She is a gift to the clients she serves.  Professional caregivers were so important to my son Spencer while he was living, and able to live independently.  They make it possible for people who need assistance to live the best quality, least restrictive, life.  So I would love Lydia as a model, but as a person, she’s tops in my book.

She came to me right from work, and it took no time to transform magically.

Don’t go thinking that Lydia is all peaches and cream.  Nah.  If you want Lydia to do something that is not what she thinks is “her”, tough luck guys.  The t-shirt picture tells that story.  There won’t be a Mr. Right coming along and giving her directions in how to live or where to draw the line.  She’s her own person, with a real backbone.

Speaking of having a backbone, look how perfectly she strikes this pose.

Lydia cares, and I care about her.  She’s one of the finest of the fine.  I’m a very lucky guy.  I get to shoot with such beautiful people, inside and out.  Thanks, Lydia.

Guys, don’t expect you can tell her how to live.

To fully appreciate the full package, let’s unwrap the full package in this photo.