Don’t bother with the “edgy” joke about the sword. Too obvious.

Model Mayhem’s Miss Skaro is otherwise known as Jessica.  I see  her whenever I browse in the Model Mayhem app, since she is almost always the first person in the list.  Model Mayhem helps connect models with photographers.   Jessica  has many shoots to her credit.  She did not have to even think when I asked if she has shot over 100 times.

Miss Skaro is fearless and creative with her poses, quite flexible, though she says a contortionist friend puts her to shame.

I like the hand shadow and impact of this more erotic shot with the sword.

Jessica started modeling 3 years ago almost exactly.  She agreed to a body painting session and that was the start of her nude modeling.  That session never materialized, but she has shot 2 fairly involved body painting sessions previously.  She’s active as a model, which is why she comes up first in the list.   Jessica says she shoots at least 3 sessions a day when she travels as Miss Skaro, but the time in town varies from busy to monthly shoots.  Modeling is not her only profession.  She is involved in computing.

My goal at the outset of this shoot was to do a low key (fairly dark) set of images.  I used black backgrounds and shot some of these to keep them on the dark side.

When Model Mayhem’s Miss Skaro arrives on a set, she arrives on time and her rather complex makeup is complete.  She spends nearly an hour getting the look.   She developed the expertise the way many of us pick up new skills these days, watching YouTube.

Jessica is strong.  She held challenging poses easily while I got camera settings and focus right.  I was correct when I deduced that she does yoga.

Jessica had a new tattoo on the outside of her thigh.  She got it done in Portland by an artist she trusts there.  It is a good sized one, and has a dagger as a central piece.  So, in keeping with that  tattoo, we shot a few photos with a sword.  The sword is an authentic one that my Dad took off a Nazi in WWII.   Like Jessica said, “real”.

This is an extremely low key image, very dark intentionally. Just a form.

A compact pose she had no trouble holding in place and it looked effortless.

Finally, Model Mayhem’s Miss Skaro may have a name that is unknown to more people than one.  I had no idea what Miss Skaro referred to.   I asked.  Turns out her modeling persona is named for a planet on the TV show Dr. Who.  You can find more of Miss Skaro’s photographs on Instagram, @_miss_skaro_

More lit still, here I frame the shot with a softbox coming into the frame.

A standing pose, more lit, with thigh high stockings.