Bare ribs and bare girl

Dance in the sculpture garden

Marie Brooks is a model with a suitcase.  She has a suitcase, and almost nothing else.  She’s a nomadic model.  Marie travels year round, with her single, aqua suitcase.  She’s tan, since she has not seen a winter for several years.  Belize or Hawaii or similar is where those months are spent.  That’s commitment to your trade.  She’s a true pro.  And she’s somehow not sick of it all, but finds enthusiasm and joy in her work.  How many people could be “at work” 7 days a week for months on end?  She may not shoot every day, but she has at least 50 emails a day to manage her schedule.  I am amazed by her strength of commitment.

Desert dancing

I picked up Marie at the airport and she stayed in my studio/guest house one night, as do many models.  She’s so undemanding it is hard to know what she likes for dinner, but I finally figured out that she likes salmon (she’ll agree to almost anything).  Luckily, it was king salmon season, so we were in luck.  This NW boy does know how to grill a salmon.  She also gave a Sonoran hot dog a try, which is a local favorite for tourists and locals alike.  She’s not the vegan, kombucha guzzling stereotype.

Marie’s lively personality is easily shown in the photographs.  I laughed when I processed the one of her “sitting” on the agave.  She is a dancer as well as a model, so her poses contain the elegance of dance.

No retouching this perfect skin!

Arizona splendor

A truly special thing happened the day that Marie visited Tucson.  We got clouds.  Clouds can translate into a lovely sunset, so when planning our shoot, I said let’s save time for sunset.  What a great thing we did!  Click, click, click until the light completely faded.  Magical, golden hour light.  Fabulous model.