We found this stump in British Columbia.

I spent a lot of time with Alexa.  We shot thousands of photos together.  About 12,000 to be exact.  So, I decided that I should add one more blog in her honor, more Alexa shots.  Alexa no longer models.  But, she’s still the best.

The shot where she’s curled up in the water is great for illustrating a point.  That shot happened because we were observant and took advantage of opportunity.  The entire outing to British Columbia was like many of our trips:  We planned and packed and left in the span of an hour or so.   Then, while on the trip, we watched.  I spotted the stump when we were driving by the side of a river.  We abruptly pulled in, and Alexa did a great job posing.  I circled the stump and took the shot from many angles, and settled on this one as the main one.

A razor sharp headstand.
Alexa has great yoga skills.

Alexa is great at yoga, so if I share more Alexa shots I should include a couple of those.  One shot shows her in a razor straight headstand.  She holds so still that it is amazing to see.  Alexa has perfect balance.   A second shot shows her on a paddleboard.   That was on a trip to the northern boundary of WA, near Kettle falls.  We found a small, deserted lake and she posed on the board.

We did lots of desert travels and shoots.  So, if I am to offer more Alexa shots, I’ll include this one with her posing among chollas (cactus).  She’s brave enough that she did this pose with the road not far away,  The vest let us uncover her for just short moment, get the shot, and have no one the wiser.

I shoot with a number of models, and Alexa shot with several. Jamie and Alexa (Jamie Lee Bauern) look fantastic together with their wonderful and abundant hair.  Sienna Hayes and Alexa were radiant in the blooming canola.  Funny story.  A bicyclist rode up while we were shooting and they ducked down.  Ultimately, I tossed them coverups and they stood up and walked out.  He was so surprised.  He had no idea I was not just there alone to photograph the bloom.  LOL.

Finally, Alexa looks great shot from the front, and shot from the back.  To be fair and balanced, I’ll wrap up with a shot from the back.  I could share more Alexa shots, but I think these two posts make her beauty and talent obvious.

Studio shot from the back.

The canola fields of Eastern WA.

Alexa and Jamie show off their hair in this composition.

A pose in the Chollas.


What flexibility! Paddleboard shoot.