She easily captured the parody with the Hollywood sign in a Tucson barrio.

More Jewels.  I think that’s an audience demand.  My work with Jewels produced many of my favorite shots,  I planned to strictly reduce my shoots with models, and in the future only with a very few would I grab my  camera.  I knew she was one of those select few.  Then I got a text that said she was coming, and less than a week after I wrapped up my last scheduled shoot.  And she’d be here 4 or 5 days in the process, a great opportunity.  Oh heck.  Let’s make this work.

Barrio Viejo has so many cool doorways.
These three look even better with Jewels in a teal dress.

The reality was I did not need to do more figure/fine art nude work with Jewels.  I have almost 5000 shots of her overall, so there’s no shortage of those, and our shooting during those days was limited to brief forays into the Old Pueblo.

We went to Barrio Hollywood.  We shot in Barrio Viejo.  And, no big surprise, I was very pleased with the work she gave.

When I was shooting mostly fine art nudes, Jewels was very popular on my previous Instagram page thanks to her beauty as well as posing.  Her “assets” as she refers to her breasts, are 100% her own.  She maintains at least 4 social media feeds that are involved in her income stream.    When we were shooting, I was surprised to see her talking to her phone with her breasts out.  Luckily, I’m quick with my camera, and captured the shot.  So, you do see one of that genre I used to shoot here, I guess.  But that was not of my planning.  Just serendipity.  Many successful models are in and out of outfits often, and like many others, she’s not worried with going into changing rooms.  Her concern is simply to maintain high quality standards on each shot.

Another popular aspect of a photoshoot is a behind the scenes video.  I’ve included a snippet in which she’s making some wardrobe decisions.

An upcoming blog will feature one other shot in a different location.  She won’t be the only one I shoot for that blog, so let’s save that shot for now.

She could not resist joining in on the famous walk scene.












Shot this when she was post a little video for some of her fans. Guess they want more of her and less scenery.

Looks like the beach is her scene.

The Hippie Gypsy is a Tucson landmark. Here she’s posing at night.