I’ve long been a fan of the desert, and last winter I sold my nursery and moved to Tucson in mid-December.  My move to Tucson was a success and I found a house right away and closed on the home on New Year’s Eve.  I’ve now lived in Tucson through the winter and spring.  Winter was very mild.  We had two hard freezes.  On those days it only warmed up to 50.  Many days, if not most, it was in the 70’s.

I landscaped around my pool in vibrant colors for the benefit of photo shoots to come.

I started right in on remodeling, and added things like a glass block wall in the shower, a new and colorful landscape, nice poolside furniture, etc. that will come in handy as I return to photography.  The move, remodel and landscaping took my time at first.  Covid-19 really threw on the brakes for shoots and just about everything.  I’m getting some hardware items today, but shopping by phone and curbside pickup.  The world has changed.  Traveling models can’t easily fly. so many winter trips were canceled.

A piece of my front yard in Tucson. A beautiful desert landscape surrounds me here.

Luckily, just before Covid, we had the Tucson Gem Show in early Feb.  I met Lotus, a delightful 16 year old young woman, and with her dad’s permission I photographed her at the show.  I am so glad I got to see that show.  My move to Tucson felt more complete after I experienced that cultural event.  Who knows the future for such massive gatherings of people?  The world’s largest gem show may no longer exist with social distancing.  That would be a shame, but at least I saw it and got some photos with Lotus.

Lotus was a lovely young lady.

Lotus at the gem show. Huge petrified log behind her.

Immediately prior to Covid and social distancing, I had a traveling model, Vox Serene, stay with me here.  Vox and I shot in the desert.  We hiked to water in the Catalina Mountains.  My first significant shoot is scheduled May 13.  By then I’ll have a few settings such as my pool area completed and we can definitely swim in the pool.  That landscape is very colorful.  I think we’ll get good shots.  I’m excited to shoot with Whitney Masters in May. Her portfolio is fabulous.

My move to Tucson still feels incomplete.  My studio is in the drawing/permit phase right now.  My studio lights, backdrops, wardrobe, props and furniture are all stored in my garage.

Vox Serene in the Catalinas.

I will feel that I have truly settled in when the studio is complkete.  Young plants are in my big Talavera pots.  But I have faith that the studio will get built and the plants will grow.  My hope and plan, God willing, is for this to be a very productive place for my photography.  I  also applied for psychology licensure in AZ.  I kept my WA license active, and I suspect it will transfer easily here.  So, options are open for a new home and new life.