This humpday pose was definitely popular on my Instagram feed.

My recent shoot with Natalie convinced me that Natalie’s confidence can take her wherever she chooses.  Brave enough to perform as a dancer, she’s also got aspirations of a career in nursing.  She’s worked as a scribe more than once, so already has a handle on medical terminology.  A busy ER is just what she would love.

Natalie is alluring on my new tile mural table before I filled it with plants.

I love the Santa Fe vibe in this shot

Let’s hope no matter what’s the main direction that Natalie stays in front of the camera.  Likely she will.  Her mom is a photographer, so in front of the lens is natural for Natalie.

Like many in Tucson, she’s bilingual and has family roots in Mexico.  She’s lithe and lean, with plenty of curves.

An artistic look in the studio comes naturally for Natalie.







Whether the gardens, the studio, or the pool, she looked right at home.  She did have a brief close encounter with a cholla on her heel, but I quickly removed it.  Even Tucsonans can take that false step once in a while.

Here’s a classic nude in nature shot in the garden.

I know I’ve got a lens or two that will be waiting to capture Natalie’s confidence again in the near future.  Stay tuned.

Her expressions in photos never fail.

A closer up garden pose. Her hand positioning is lovely.