This is clearly on the nice side of the equation. You don’t have to be in flannel to have a peaceful and innocent demeanor.

K. and I had a fun time making a few photos that we called Naughty or Nice.  This was not a big part of our shoot time, and was done with only a little planning in advance on my part.  I got some Christmas themed outfits:  a red teddy and some striped pants.  I asked K. to bring along a cream colored top, explaining that in a naughty or nice sequence that “naughty” would translate to “topless”.  She brought along the “nice” accessory.

Here K. chooses a classic seduction pose, so even the slow on the uptake can tell this is going to be on the naughty team.

Very Nice, very pretty.

A good model can also make a difference between naughty and nice by simply changing expressions and poses.  K.’s a very good model, so we’ve got that example as well.  As you can tell if you’re on a bigger screen than a phone, I line up the Nice photos on the left, and the Naughty on the right.  My hint to you is to look at all photos, particularly of K., on the biggest and best screen you’ve got.  They only get better that way.

Santa has his list and is checking it twice.  Don’t know why he spends so much time reviewing the naughty people.  Can you figure out if that means that even Santa is “Naughty or Nice”?

And here is that profile shot without the shirt. Which do you think is really more “nice?” Me, too.

Here K.’s nice pose shows us a lovely profile.

One of the naughty poses with the red and white stripes. The sweet smile disappeared with the shirt. Hence, time for intensity.