Nicole Dobbins in a simple headshot with minimal editing.

Nicole Dobbins works as a model in the San Francisco Bay area. We shot in Napa and in the Redwoods and she’s game to shoot most places in the region. She’s versatile and required little in the way of direction.

One tree, four poses captures the variety of poses Nicole unleashes
given a prop. Be sure to click this to expand to appreciate the details.

I found that if I gave her a prop, such as a simple clear umbrella, I did not have to struggle to get her to use it in a variety of ways. Here I’ll show 4 photos of her with the umbrella with a single tree in the background (this tree is atop a hill in the Austin Creek State Park/Armstrong Grove). The park is strange in that the lower elevations are redwoods, the Armstrong Grove, but when you climb the mountain higher, it is the Austin Creek State Park. Once on top, the trees which may be lost in the fog below are some of the tallest on earth, the ancient redwood forest. One entry fee covers both.

Back to Nicole. She posed easily with the umbrella, and if you have a high resolution screen or expand the photo to see it well, you’ll see the rain falling in one of the shots where she has the umbrella in the “useful” position. I combined these shots into one, a composition I call “one tree, 4 poses”. Her high energy in the shoot is showcased in these shots.

We also got standard headshots, as well as some fashion shots and bridal shots on this outing. It was quite a productive day. I show her in a velvet dress on a mountain top in the fog, a polka dot with the tree, and in a wedding dress and veil. The Armstrong Grove has an amphitheater, a perfect place for a wedding, so one of the shots of her in the bridal outfit was taken here with the redwood forest in the distance.  

The benches form nice lines as Nicole awaits her groom.

She’s fun to work with, and has done lots of shoots in the time she’s been modeling, so she’s ready to move on and move up in the modeling field. Work with her, and you’ll see why Nicole Dobbins is a name you’ll remember.

Here’s Nicole in the fall foliage in Napa.

Atop the mountain in the fog. Wearing red velvet and conveying the impact of the mountain.