Noelle Arora in a Facebook friendly pose.

I recommend doing a nude shoot with Noelle Arora If you are planning a shoot in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  We got right to work since we had limited daylight by the time the shoot began.  It was a bit of a race against sunset. I like to have some natural light as well as light from my strobes, so we hustled.  What I can tell you is Noelle is very pleasant, though that’s a bit too tame a description.  Noelle is a pistol.  Her professional and efficient work made it possible to shoot the locations offered by the airbnb we used.

This is one of many good shots in or beside the tub. I may do a separate post on just those shots in the future.

Noelle’s day job involves an assortment of duties in retail  Her modeling work consists mostly of nude or nude and erotic nude work.  The operational definition of erotic nude in this instance seems to be open legs or not. I think she pulls off the erotic work with an artistic flair that makes it work even for a photographer who is generally conservative.

Complex processing, but a nifty somewhat surreal shot making use of the architecture.

The nude shoot with Noelle covered many venues.  We started in the bathroom/tub since the light was good but would fade in that room first.  I love the glass block wall and the color of the wall by the clawfoot.   I got good shots from every angle.  We kept her hair dry, since we still had a whole shoot ahead.

The erotic genre is depicted here, which Noelle enjoys as a part of the shoot.

High key processing here, and a sexy pose and expression from Noelle.

One of my favorite shots was a basic black and white nude on a stool in front of a lightly textured wall.   I like the simplicity of the shot.

Second, I had a favorite that was anything but simple.  I brought a little ladder all the way from Spokane to elevate her so the cool curved metal ceiling would work with the shot.  This shot was taken late in the day with minimal natural light.  It took a bundle of color toning and adjustment to get this effect.  It has a certain surreal quality that makes it worth the effort of an hour or so of Photoshop time.

I brought along a Stetson cowboy hat, and she wore it beside a big armoire.  I also provided the lipstick and Southwest style sweater.  She made the most of those props with some very lovely and provocative poses. As the opening photo shows, she’s certainly capable of demure and standard modeling, but a nude shoot with Noelle Arora will likely expand your portfolio.

Noelle rocks a sexy pose with a cowboy hat.

Finally, a simple nude shot that was a personal favorite.