Here is a nude of K. in a similar location. Both are good poses, but for me, the nude shot wins.

Here K. is in a body suit. Compare to the nude photo at right (below viewed on phone).

I strive to do O.K. nude photography.  Actually, I strive for better than O.K.  But, in this case, this post is for a model who shall now be simply known as “K.” for any nude posts.  Let’s examine that a little.

Nude photography is tricky.  It is tough to find a model who looks better with clothes off than with clothes on.  And that model has to have several things going for him or her:  Not easily embarrassed, good grooming, an understanding and supportive partner, an employer who is at least neutral on the topic, and then still have all the attributes of timeliness, communication, etc. required of all models.  Sometimes it is more than that.  It is the need to protect against future potential searches of social media by employers yet to come, or to protect certain members of one’s family from unexpected exposure to the material.  And those are just a few examples of the possible circumstances.

K. is a true force of nature. All the assets of a fine art model.

Nude photography can be tricky for the photographer as well.  If your spouse is insecure or controlling, you may not be able to pursue your art.  I was in such a situation and obeyed her wishes, but my photography was stagnant.  I chose to leave that marriage for other reasons, more pervasive reasons, but I am so much happier, already 27 lbs. lighter, and my photography has grown considerably in the past 8 months.

When you see the same model in the same location and shoot the photograph both with and without clothes, if you have a good model for this work, the nude shot will win every time.  It will be more artistic, more beautiful, more worthy of placement in a gallery.  Both the model and the photographer will see this difference, and that is why they are both determined to pursue the highest form of their art.  I will put side by side photos of K. in a lovely body suit or a lovely birthday suit, and you can judge for yourself.

Here in front of the Christmas tree, K. will inspire everyone to check her more than twice.

I have worked with many models, many with amazingly supportive spouses and families, and complete comfort in front of the camera.  But even then they typically have a “stage name” for this work.  They separate it from the rest of their life.  This is simply prudent.  In this case, “K.” is such a stage name and I will not reply to communications asking me to reveal identity or direct avenues to reach her.

My front door is obscured by foliage, but it was chilly. Did not stop K. from a perfect pose.

So, I will show you my O.K. nude photography.  I have many images from which to choose because I have been lucky to shoot with this model a number of times.  This blog contains primarily early images.  Other shoots and themes will follow in subsequent blogs.  In each case, she far exceeds O.K.

I think this expression and pose is heavenly. Close the wrap and this is just not the same photograph. K. is a model who truly excels with fewer clothes.