Until I can put video in my blog, this is a good example of Charlotte in the beach setting.

I just had an October explosion.  My Instagram page suddenly got thousands of additional followers.  I had my first reel that got over a million views.  I had many posts with over 1000 likes.  One had 2700 likes.  The reel had over 34,000 likes.  I’m hovering around 16K followers.  That’s fast growth since my last blog.

Here’s a shot of Dendara in the California desert. This shot really highlights her ample hair as well as her figure.

There’s much to share with you about this experience.  First, my thanks to those followers and to the models who provide me with all the material to post.  I did 2 shoots in California during October.  One in the desert with rocks and Joshua trees, the other on a beach in the Bay Area.

This shot of Charlotte had over 1500 likes

I waited for the meteoric rise to slow before attempting to write about it.  Whatever I say, the numbers may soon be out of date.  And, I suppose that could go in either direction.  Gaining followers so quickly may include some that don’t stick around forever.  So far, it is a steadily climbing situation.

Also over 1500 likes was this shot (censored on IG) of Loe. I posted many models during the October explosion.







I’ll do blogs about each of the two models in those California shoots.  This blog is just for me to say “Whew”, it looks like the October explosion is headed back to business as usual in terms of added followers.  The likes are staying high, as one might expect with more followers and better distribution.  I’ve been shooting and posting for quite some time.  Pretty remarkable to have it change in such a supercharged fashion, often adding 1000 followers a day.   My web designer is soon going to assist me in finding a way to include little videos in my blogs.  When that is done, I’ll post specifically on those reels that got all that attention.

The censored version got over 1770 likes. Bet you like this one even better. Steph is always great.