She’s a hot pepper, as this cheeky photo declares.

Born in Los Angeles, land of models, Pepper Kester was afraid of the camera and hated getting photographed.   But Pepper was also determined to overcome her fears.  One of the steps she took was to schedule a shoot where she would have to pose.   Halfway through that first shoot, she discovered she was not only over the fear, but her underlying exhibitionism came to the forefront.  Comfortable posing?   Definitely!

Here she is with her wedding dress in the bamboo.

She has 2 small tattoos, so I asked how she chose those.  They were acquired early, age 14, and were meaningful to her at that stage of life.  Luckily, they were also located where and were a close enough approximation to what she would still choose.

Pepper’s modeling career began in LA.   At the beginning, she was represented by an agency.  In hindsight, that was the least favorite work for her because they tended to send her to the same sorts of shoots time after time.  “I got tired of doing the same 10 poses.”  Pepper said that once she quit the agency and went freelance, that she got a wide range of shoots and photography styles.  That let her create and participate more in the process.  The poses are mostly hers, especially the erotic poses.  She clearly is self aware and knows what poses will have impact and get viewed.  She does not hold back.

After we finished the wedding dress shots, this one one of the first poses she struck. Yes, a touch of exhibitionism lurks. Also artistic, and gets her down to the main part of the wall graphic.

We did a few shots in a wedding dress to open up the shoot.   I asked how she came to own the dress, and she said she was engaged for about a year.  That was not the one for her as it turned out, but she did still like the dress.  You will like it, too.

Like all models who are actually making a living at modeling, she works hard.  She has done at least 20 shoots this month, mostly on the East Coast in NYC and Philly.  She travels extensively and books work, and soon will have her first trip to Europe.  Exciting time.  And like other true professional models, she is on time (actually a little early) and ready to go when she arrives after a quick makeup touch-up.

We played a lot with the ristras, and here she gets her wings.

The bnb had a big tub, so we used it for several shots.

As we chatted after the shoot eating a meal featuring both red and green chile sauces, I learned we had two things in common besides the photo shoot craziness.   She is a gardener, and had quite a productive vegetable garden this season.  And, she likes chile.  And why not?   She’s Pepper Kester.

Pepper has had more views to a photo of this sort than any other on her page…maybe we see why that is.