Photography Gear

I shoot with Canon equipment. My current camera body is the Canon 5D s-r, a true breakthrough camera body with amazing resolution, though I also have the 5D Mark III which excels in low light and high speed. Most portraits are shot with the Canon 85 mm f1.2, the 50 mm f1.2, the 24-70 mm f2.8 or the 70-200 mm f2.8. These are the finest portrait lenses available, sharp and capable even with soft lighting. Landscape shots are taken with a variety of lenses including macro, wide, tilt shift and super wide (14 mm). The camera is supported by a Gitzo carbon fiber tripod and a Really Right Stuff 55mm head.

The lighting includes natural light, but also Elinchrom studio lights with a variety of light modifiers ranging from the focused snoot to a 5’ diameter octagonal softbox. The Elinchrom 27” beauty dish is a mainstay. Large umbrellas and deep umbrellas are useful for bigger venues where the 1000 watt second heads come into play.  A wide range power and light modification lets us be creative.  These also feature high speed sync which has flash shutter speeds as quick as 1/8000th of a second. That absolutely stops action.  Of course I have traditional speedlight illumination, but typically I prefer the more powerful studio lights and can operate those on battery power on site when needed.

Gear self portrait

The studio has multiple backdrops and a variety of classic props/sets for your benefit in the portrait session. It is equipped with a changing room.
We have special macro cubes and twin light strobes and related gear for product photography and close up work.

Add to that a range of filters and the ability to process the images with Photoshop, Nik, Phlearn, Photomatrix, Lightroom, Kuyper Actions, and more. You won’t find wildly modified images of celebrity heads on different bodies on my website. My goal is to correct the exposure, retouch the image, and get a beautiful, yet realistic presentation. I strive to bring compelling images to life with a creative flair.