This underwater scene began with an AI scene, and the model was added after that.

Almost all is done with standard Photoshop, but AI has added that camel.

Photoshop AI is now available in a Beta version.  I downloaded it, and have used it to create a few images.

Ai helped out with a yellow convertible and a flower pot.

Mostly, my shots are ones I actually took with a model in my studio or on location.  In most cases, the AI component is an add-on or embellishment of the original photo.

The generative input is a bit trial and error.  I probably tried 3x to get a bobcat in a suitable pose, and in my underwater shot, I had to make many efforts to get the desired result.  Unless you are simply very patient, you’ll have to accept some less than ideal components.

I think it is fun to use in a whimsical way.  For example, my flying saucer shot is obviously FAKE, but it is nonetheless fun.  The model is a real person and White Sands is where I took the shot.  That’s New Mexico, famous for UFO’s, so it made sense.  In fact, the model calls herself Stephinspace, so who better to use for this shot?

Maybe we should take this UFO thing seriously!

Photoshop AI is a bit prudish.  Unwilling to work around nudity.  As my photos show, it is not so good at really figuring that all out.  And, the irony is that AI has the promise of taking a fully nude shot and easily transforming it into an Instagram legal post.  It refuses to add a swimsuit to a nude figure, though the change would make the figure no longer nude.  Silly rule, but it is beta.

Everything except the model and her outfit are thanks to AI here.

These are novice images based on using the program only about a week so far.  But Photoshop AI definitely holds promise and I think you’ll find it fun to use, though more time consuming than a typical photo.  My website has even added a new gallery to feature work with an AI component.

The AI component here is laying on the rock above Jewels.