Raven’s escapade is a modeling tour with Marie Brooks.  I’ve shot with Marie before.  You can check out that blog as well.  But Raven is new to the studio.  She has raven black hair, a good figure, and a lot of experience and poise.

Raven poses artistically in the studio.

My pool renovation is fresh, and it is still too early to turn on my heater since the pH fluctuates with new pool plaster.  That did not stop Raven.  Even without the heater, the pool was 80 degrees and she was ready to get in and shoot.  So she’s the first to pose in the new pool.

The pool classic. Wet shirt.

I always shoot the studio nudes first in a session.  This was no exception.  She rapidly worked through a range of poses.






Raven posed on the ball.

She’s been posing for about 11 years.  Raven started as an art model in college. The tour with Marie Brooks is just getting going, but from here New Mexico and then Texas…a major tour. Marie and Raven posed together in the triangle.

Marie and Raven pose together in the sculpture garden

Raven’s escapade will go on for a few months as the tour travels the southwest and beyond. Glad she came this way.

This shirt was just getting in the way.