Veronika wearing her MMA outfit.

Most of Nevada is remote.  Remote Nevada is truly empty.  Here is where we went to shoot.  Veronika was game to go into the boondocks with me.  About an hour outside of Vegas, there’s an abandoned concrete factory.  It is used mostly by dirt bikers and ATV riders, and as a shooting range.  We did the other kind of shooting.  Shooting nude photos.

Time to Dump ’em out!

Veronika has modeled for a good while.  That’s not her only job.  She’s also an MMA fighter.  The “Dump ’em Out” shot shows her in a fighting outfit.  Obviously, the top has a good bit of stretch.  And she’s involved in some game show production.  And makes mermaid tails.  If there’s a project, she’s on board.  Veronika even has more than one state of residence.  Be sure to follow the bouncing ball.  It is on the move at all times.

Old machinery and pipes were plentiful here.

She’s also over 50.  But definitely does not look it.  I’d suggest the driver’s license if you want to know for sure.  Don’t trust your eyes.  Her kids are grown adults.

The abandoned concrete factory offered tons of graffiti.  The concrete buildings are shot full of holes.  The locals must love high caliber guns.  The gears and machinery are fantastic backdrops and there are big tubes that are perfect for posing.

The giant tubes now hold a nude woman instead of concrete.

If you visit remote Nevada, be sure to bring along a model who’s ready to pose in a rugged, remote site.  You’ll get fun shots.

The graffiti tells the story only too well.