Getting out of the pool is a perfect moment to shoot.

I recently had a reprise shoot with a model who has since retired from the trade and desires anonymity.

She started modeling as a fitness model.  She did well modeling bikinis, but soon expanded her work to include posing nude.  She remains exceptionally fit.

She is a master of elegant poses.

Her remarkably toned core is showcased in this shot.

Her look includes her long blonde hairstyle. That was unchanged just as her level of fitness was unchanged.  That fitness comes with exercise, of course, but it also involves a carefully watched diet. Tucson is famous for its Sonoran hot dogs.  No way was she going to be tempted to try one of those.

Another colorful shot with the graffiti.

She rocked the studio portion of the shoot.  When you see how far the small of her back can arch away from the posing block, you might think it’s photoshopped.  But, that’s real.  Her waist is not only tiny, it is very flexible.  Our session also included shots in the pool as well as in the sculpture garden.  We had the opportunity to shoot in a variety of locations.

It’s time to relax.

My reprise shoot with this retired model wrapped up with a sunset shoot in the desert.  I think my favorite shot in the set was one with blue fabric combined with the saguaros and native landscape.  I like the pop of the color.  Do you as well?

My favorite shot this time.