The reunion shoot was at a very lush space in Eastern WA

June 2021 was fantastic!  I had a reunion shoot in nature with my favorite model, Alexa.  I made a trip back to Spokane, and I got to shoot one morning in excellent, morning light.  We went to the Slavin Wildlife Refuge very early, before others were up and about.

Having more hair we could play around with it, too.

Alexa and I had not shot together since my last time in Spokane, so that was more than a year of waiting given the pandemic’s interference.  Despite that, she was completely in the zone when it came time to shoot.   She offered the same great posing skill and finesse that characterized previous work when we shot together often.  It was like we never took a day off.

The lupines were in bloom…I got a couple of shots with those I liked.

If you compare this shoot to previous shoots, you’ll see that her hair is even more amazing than ever.  Still the glorious red, but also longer and with more curls.  She has a new hair stylist, and says that the cut has made the long, healthy hair possible.  I know it looks great.  Otherwise, she remains fit and trim and in top form as a model.

Alexa looks wonderful in a simple, clean, natural setting.

I printed the opening photograph in this blog and framed it.  It hangs in an ornate gold frame next to my front door.  Like many of my photos, it looks best when larger and printed.  I like that one a lot.  The big open meadow there also gave some good work.  There was plenty to choose from though the shoot was only about 90 minutes long.

The pandemic is lessening its grip.  Alexa and I are both vaccinated and shot together safely.  This reunion shoot in nature was a grand success, and I look forward to another reunion perhaps in Tucson next time.

Alexa with a big poplar and the lake in the distance.