With the vaccines, the sad interval is coming to a close.

I’ve been sorry to see so much illness and death, here and around the world.   It has been a sad interval in our history.  The pandemic is real, and anyone with basic reality testing intact will know that.  Do you really think all the hospitals and doctors world wide are in on a hoax?  That is obvious nonsense.

Luckily, now the sadness lessens.  With the vaccines, the rates have declined.  It is getting safer.  But even today (June 15, 2021), 437 new cases and 11 deaths in Arizona.  Not gone, just much better.

I am requiring that models be vaccinated (I am) for us to shoot indoors or for them to stay in the studio.  Safer for us all that way.  You are welcome if you are safe.

So, the sad interval is getting left behind.  The sore loser is not in office.  The future is being rebuilt, damage being repaired though slowly and with difficulty.  We still have plenty of liars and conspiracy nuts to go around.  But now it is time to shoot again.  Time for some fun in our photography lives.