Vaccinated models needed to end the sad interval.

A sad interval describes my past few weeks.  I’ve had sadness, even a broken heart, about a nation willing to elect Trump.  Horrific in total.  Right to the insurrection.

And the pandemic is a sad event.  Many, many have died.  I sat alone and waited for quarantine to someday end.

Then, “Hallelujah!”  The vaccines.  And the vaccines work great.  As a result, my age group lined up and got the shots.

I’m ready to shoot again.  Ready to shoot models who have been vaccinated.  Yet, there are few.  The youth are missing whatever it takes to care about ending the pandemic.

Is this the Trump illness all over again?  Yes, in likelihood it is.  Head in the sand, information ignored, no community standard or sense of purpose.

Is critical thinking dead?

I’m sad that models are not out demanding shots and demanding them “NOW”.  They deserve to travel safely.  They surely don’t want to kill their bosses, the older people who hire them.  Or do they?

So, it is time to wait.  Wait for sensibility.  Wait for education.

If you’re a model and you have your shots, I am more than ready to work again.

Give me a call.  Give me a shot.  Let this sad interval end.  Let’s have some productive and creative fun.