Sara was festive by the tree.

She waited 12 years.  And now she’s Sara Mas Grande.  A lallapaloosa breast augmentation is how some with will see the change, but for her, it is back to a familiar shape.  She had large breasts when she was younger, and decided to restore the look now.  I was one of the first to shoot her after her fresh procedure, so here she’s revealed.

Here’s a good look at her new look as Sara Mas Grande.

She has been modeling 21 years.  She started as a young teen.  She’s raising her own child, and gradually returning to a bit of travel for special jobs.  Sara is mostly an Arizona model, but does some travel to LA and SoCal.

Pretty obvious, she’s a super pro.  Greatly experienced and watches her nutrition and figure with the greatest of restraint.  Does she have a weakness?   Yep.  Watermelon licorice or Dark Chocolate Almonds.

Our studio session included shots of her on top of some previous prints. Nice combo.

We shot some Christmas themed work since it’s December.  The video with the hat falling off is getting a good bit of play.  Right now it’s headed to 2000 likes and 8500 plays.  Who knows where it will be in a couple of days, but it is pretty popular.

If you like Mas Grande, here’s your Christmas present!

Sara did loads of poses in our session, and here we’ll see a few of them in their original, uncensored form.  I’m sure you’ll agree, she’s Sara Mas Grande.