She was eager to shoot with a saguaro, and we did it right away!

I could not decide what to title this blog, and I thought about Matter of Fact, but I think the fact that She’s an Open Book says it best.  She’s Gabrielle on Instagram (a.gabrielle19) and for my fellow photographers, she’s Ayeonna Gabrielle on Model Mayhem.  Ayeonna lives in Houston now, but is in transition, but she’s likely south of the Mason-Dixon line.  She’s a Florida native and she’s got the accent to match.

Secrets are not so much a thing with her.  It is not like she confided in me, she just tells it all like it is.  The tough things and the fun things alike are shared in the course of a shoot.  She’s not struggling with the tough stuff.  She’s accepted things that many would have difficulty with and she’s clearly comfortable on her current path.

Even when censored, this shot was super favorite on my Instagram.

I should definitely add that she’s super professional.  Few models have 156 Verified Credits on Model Mayhem.  She showed up early and was eager to work.  Ayeonna had not been to the Arizona (Sonoran) desert before, and could not wait to get a naked photo with a cactus for her mom.  She’s also open with her family about her work and has their support.  So, I obliged her and took her straight away to the desert and got some shots for mom.  And you.

The shot she had to have. Desert. Cactus. Naked.

The same way she’s open about her life, she sees nudity in a matter of fact way and thinks it is pointless to maneuver all poses to hide genitals.  Just another part of her body and no big deal in her eyes.  She was never crude or suggestive, just not inhibited in that way. When models do try to hide, they constrain their poses.  No matter what, the camera catches a look anyway in a big shoot.  Just happens.  Then multiply that times hundreds of shoots, and all those photos are out there anyway despite all the efforts.  Whatever makes the model feel safe and respected is what matters, great work comes from comfortable models.

Though really friendly, she can give a very intense look when she needs to for a shot.

This is my suggestion.  Shoot with Ayeonna and you’ll get her best every day.  She rests and recovers and then goes out to shoot again. She’s on the road shooting much of the year.  So, she’s an open book, but she’s also a busy working model who will do great work with you.  It’s a nice combination.

Here’s a garden shot.