Daisy Von struck many dramatic poses. Here she’s tightly compressed.

Shooting Miss Daisy was an unexpected treasure.  Daisy Von is a traveling model, and she came to Spokane to work a full day with another photographer (Teague).  He reached out to me, and asked me if I would shoot with her so the trip would have additional work.  She was not on my radar as someone I was eager to shoot, but I said “Sure thing”.

A simple silhouette.

I even asked Daisy if she’d like to stay in my studio during her visit, since it’s located in a rather nice garden and I’d be glad to offer meals and lodging.  To my great fortune, she said yes to the above, so I had her as a very undemanding guest as well as a model for parts of 3 days.

Daisy is not a diva personality…the polar opposite.  She dresses casually, not flamboyantly.  She wears no makeup.  Daisy’s decidedly average in her street clothes.  Heads would not turn thinking, “she must be famous”.

However, when Daisy drops her clothing and starts to pose, then shooting Miss Daisy becomes an unforgettable session for the lucky photographer.   She is a master of the human form.  Daisy knows how to arrange herself into all sorts of very soft as well as very powerful poses.   The strength of her yoga, swimming and other training shows.  Her discipline with periodic fasting to stay lean pays off.   Daisy is strong, yet feminine.  Her body is well defined, though not that hard look of a weightlifter.

Daisy invented many poses for the sculpture. This was a 6 light setup.

Our shoot covered a big range in a short time frame.  We shot some nudes in nature as well as studio work.  I even got to shoot her in conjunction with another model, and that will be the focus of a later blog.  This piece I will simply show the variety of ways she worked with a single posing sculpture in my studio.  I think it shows the range of her talent and the power of her poses.   And if anyone ever calls you up and asks you if you would be willing to shoot with her, say “Hell yes.  I’m Shooting Miss Daisy”.

A strong pose.

We got a lot of poses, and this powerful one was one of my favorites on the piece.