A very simple pose from the sixth minute of our shoot.

“Sienna Hayes modeling poses” is my second blog on Sienna in a few weeks.  Why another round?  Because the shoot produced so many photos that I think deserve to be seen .  I take credit for capturing them, but I give complete credit to Sienna for the amazing range of poses she displayed in a short time frame.   This blog deals with the first 6 minutes of the shoot.

This was the first shot from this 6 minute sequence. Remember, I have selected only some of the poses from this time and the others were not bad, either!

I started the shoot in a room that was on the east side of the house.  That room would get less and less light as the sun set, so we shot there first.  All the shots were on a bed that was pretty basic.   Sienna’s approach to modeling poses is to adopt a pose, wait to hear the shutter click, then quickly move to the next pose.  She moves just a part of her body typically.   Sienna is aware of the multitude of poses that can be achieved with only slight changes to body position.

Sienna knew exactly how much to turn into the window light to get the best shadows on her face.

You’ll see  a good variety of Sienna Hayes modeling poses in this exposition. I include perhaps half of the poses that she provided in those first few minutes of the shoot.  The shoot times are recorded by the camera.  These all occur between 4:50 PM and 4:56 PM.  By 4:57, I thought “Holy Shit!  How many pictures am I going to end up with in 3 hours?”   Answer?  Plenty.

These first few minutes can serve as a graduate level lesson for any aspiring model.

  • First, it helps to have a beautiful body.
  • Second, it helps to be completely comfortable with it.
  • Third, it helps to be self-aware and adopt poses that are tasteful and beautiful.
  • Fourth, it helps to be aware of the light.

All four requirements were met, and met well.  There were several poses that would be considered implied nudes.  In those all critical body parts are covered and the images could be posted on social media.  Other poses were revealing, but also tasteful.

Here I crop more tightly and switch style of processing to be less strictly representational.

One of my favorite poses from the shoot. The exposure is minimal, but it is clearly in the artistic nude genre.

Note that in each pose her hand position is graceful.  Her eyes were appropriate for each photo, and went with the mood of the pose.  I had to discard none of these shots for blinking.  She blinks between poses.

And finally, I would describe the Sienna Hayes modeling poses as peaceful.  There is not a hint of misery.  No hint of deer in the headlights.  Sienna is an experienced model and her exposition of skill in those first 6 minutes is proof enough for me.

Yet another black and white that can be posted on social media.

And this is the last pose I’ll include from the first 6 minutes of our shoot, also the final shot of that sequence.

Another pose appropriate for social media. Had we stopped the session at minute 6, I would have had more useable photos than I get in many 2 hour shoots.