Sienna adopts a dramatic pose that emphasized the negative space and gave 3 dimensions to the composition.

What a pleasure to host Sienna Hayes at my studio!   I got to do a Sienna Hayes shoot not once, but twice thanks to her extended visit.  We shot in the early morning as well as in the evening light.  We also shot in the studio.   Sienna posed for some basic figure studies as well as posed on my steel sculptures.

Sienna posed with a large jar in my field.

The warm light bathed the tall grass and Sienna’s form in the shots in the field at my property.  I took photos with simply her in the field.  I also took photos of her posing with large pottery that I placed in the field.  She really needs no additional prop, but it makes a nice artistic shot when it is included.

This shoot had a dimension that I’m saving for a future post, so not everything that was shot is revealed here.  But this Sienna Hayes shoot included some classic figure studies.  I like shooting those on black background.  Photos were with 3 or more lights in most setups.  I could choose any of well over a dozen shots for inclusion here.  Sienna goes from one pose to another and each one is artistically pleasing.  The particular poses I choose are rather arbitrary.

The afternoon Sienna Hayes shoot also contained shots taken in my gardens.  Again, there were many from which to choose.  I select the one of her in the wisteria covered archway, since it is a full figure study.   The others in this post were 3/4 or other partial figure shots.

I find it interesting that she has almost identical body structure to a model I shoot often, Kailey.   They have tiny waists, 32 D tops, are both tall, and so on.  Kailey is blonde.   Sienna has enormous experience given she did 281 shoots last year alone.   But I would have loved to shoot these two together.  Sadly, Kailey broke her foot and it is hard to pose for a nude shot wearing a boot.   So, I hope i get the chance again someday.

I have no regrets whatsoever on this shoot.   I have some fabulous shots in reserve and I was pleased with the nearly 1000 shots that comprised the 2 sessions of the Sienna Hayes shoot.

Sienna in the garden, striking a full figure pose.

One of a number of figure poses on a black background.

Sienna in the warm light of late afternoon.