Steph adopts a cool pose.

There are those who think nude photography is sinful.  Not me.  But today, it is Sinn-Full, and you get to meet Steph Sinn.   She’s a traveling model who has gained skills quickly and is a top drawer pro.

Captured my wandering model in the palm tree.

Steph loves to make art.  She understands that her body is a gift for the artist and she likes to collaborate on images.  She had more than one great idea for shot locations as we shot in multiple setups around the property.

Isn’t a portrait better when it’s topless?

I was lucky to get to shoot with her.  She’s a native Tucsonan, and her family and friends wanted her every second while she was visiting again.  She could not spare a lot of time, but we got a lot of shots.  You could say we got a Sinn-Full.

She’s 5’10”, a great model height.  She also has quite the wingspan.  I had to remember to keep the focus wide, or I could accidentally amputate an appendage in the photo.  Shots like the warrior pose in the sculpture garden are nicely accentuated by her reach.

Steph practices yoga regularly, and is quite flexible. Here’s a warrior pose with her long wingspan.

If you’re looking for a model is super comfortable with her body, Steph is the one.  She needed to grab an item and headed out into my driveway completely naked.  That’s one spot in my property where the neighbors could see her.  Of course, it is a quiet street, rarely with anyone outdoors.  Anyway, since she was already there, I took the opportunity to grab the shot of her by the young palm tree.

That’s a fantastic arch.

She’s genuine and she’s patient.  Even if you’re newer to photography or nude photography, I’d recommend her for your shoot.  You’ll have a Sinn-Full day.

The crossvine may be winter dormant, but Steph is in full glory.

Steph is friends with Jewels, so I took this shot showing the print and Steph.