Kaspen always has a very elegant hand position.

It has been a distinct pleasure to do a style shoot with Kaspen Kuehner both at the studio and in Pullman, WA.  Kaspen is an accomplished model, with classic height and lean look.  It is no wonder that she’s comfortable in front of a camera.  She has been modeling since age 11.

Kaspen arrives with two suitcases full of clothes from which countless outfits could be constructed.  Like many models, she brings along some new items that have yet to be photographed.  In this case, she brought a black romper with a plunging neckline.  Once she tried it on, she added a belt to complete the outfit.  She also chose to use a dress she had made which was also black with slits for her legs. Kaspen was very creative with the dress, and got a whole new look from the back simply by unzipping it a bit and exposing more of her back.  She was very adept at using wardrobe to advantage.  

The green screen allowed us to use settings from Canada and California in the shoot. It take my own background shots as well as the shots of the model.

Though Kaspen had done many shoots before, she had not previously shot with a green screen.  She caught on very quickly, and realized that I needed shots from varying angles so I could match the light in the photo of her with the light in the selected background photo.  When i do a green screen shoot, I try to get multiple options in the can.  That lets me select the background I like.  I also process those shots with a pure white background.  

Kaspen is a student at WSU, and our first shoot was in Pullman last fall.  My favorite shot was this one by the train trestle.   This style shoot featured tall boots and jeans for most of the day.   She is quite flexible, and easily strikes both unique and elegant poses.   Her hand positioning is excellent and always graceful.

Taken in Pullman last fall, this shot captured great fall style and fall color.

Finally, she wanted a few shots that were workout related for her portfolio.  She did some yoga poses and push ups, and I got some shots that captured her in that mode.  Then it was time for her to go out to dinner with her boyfriend.  She was about to leave wearing the workout outfit she had chosen, which was a bit skimpy for a restaurant setting.   I made the comment that the other guests would like her outfit, and she suddenly realized what she was still wearing.   Like most experienced models, she is so comfortable in a variety of outfits that she did not even realize that she’d be turning heads.  In no time, she had changed to a basic casual look and all was well as they left to explore downtown and grab a bite to eat.

Here Kaspen strikes a yoga pose, warrior 3.

Another green screen shot, this one shows off her back as well as her casual elegance.