Astrid was dynamic and posed well above and below water.

Astrid Kullsen has superlative skills…both in water and on solid ground.  She specializes in water shoots, but also can handle all the regular figure model duties.  Great poses march one by one at a fast clip.  She’s destined to fill a card with images in less time than you’d think.  Don’t miss a good shot.  Take more images.

Astrid is dynamic in the water, moving gracefully.

When Astrid is underwater, she has great position and breath control.  Most people can’t submerge and stay reasonably still.  She can pose with the same ease as on dry land.  She knows when breathing will add to the shot (Bubbles) and when it won’t help to exhale.  I asked if she’s good at somersaults, and she launched into one.  That was my favorite underwater image of the day–she liked the feet.

Astrid is adventurous and creative.  When given the chance to paint her own graffiti wall, she jumped on board.  She made an underwater scene, then she went “swimming”.

Swimming in her graffiti world.

Treading water and composed.

In the studio she posed in many ways, both standing, sitting and prone.  She’s graceful and poised.  And Astrid is very messy with a glass of red wine.  I’d shoot with Astrid any time again, thanks to her superlative skills.

As soon as I saw this image, I knew I’d print it.

She tackled new challenges comfortably.

Astrid has a great variety of poses.