The Angel glass corset is elegant beyond comparison. You won’t find this at Target or Nordstrom either for that matter.

The glass corset, the ‘Angel’ corset,  turned into the holy grail of costumes, and it took a penitent’s dedication to get it for a shoot.   I saw in on a website from a Seattle business, and drove there on the very day of their 2019 Snowmageddon.  They were closing early due to the storm.  I called and called again.  I am coming.  I will be there.   One staff person waited for me.

Kailey is a dancer, and the glass corset was the ballet.

The glass corset was no longer at the store.   The artist, Sabina, had taken it back into her custody.  Of course, I did not know her or how to contact her.   I made a good size purchase from the store.   I took the employee who waited for me out to dinner, and I gave her a ride home across town in the snow.   That and my previous dealings with this store created good will.  I was eventually put in touch with the artist.

Sabina had her daughter leave the corset on the front porch, and when I arrived in the storm, I found a briefcase out for me as promised.  Talk about Clark Kent vs. Superman.  Who would ever guess something that lovely was in a briefcase in the storm?

Who would ever expect a beautiful corset to be in this briefcase left on a porch?

Our collaboration to style the corset photo was a perfect combination of contributions from the model, the artist and the photographer.

Kailey had me lace her into the corset, and then we shot and shot and shot.  As you will see, I wanted to shoot it white on white, and also had planned by having some additional wardrobe items to use with it.  The extent to which Kailey and I work remarkably is shown by the combination of items in the full body shot.   I got the gloves, the sparkly dangle, the tutu in another shot, but Kailey brought the sparkly necklace and the heels.   As always, Kailey did her hair, makeup, nails and such.  She is always impeccable and right on target with her look.

I photographed her wearing the glass corset which was named the ‘Angel’ corset by the artist. I took shots from many angles.  Some are shown here. It is a beautiful piece when worn.  Though reportedly delicate, we found it was easy to use and we had no mishaps or problems whatsoever.  It is obviously a special item not intended for grocery shopping.   It is art.  We treated it as that, and hope you find the photos do the piece justice.

The same side photo looks quite different, and would print well, as a high key process.

Side view of the piece looks great as well.