This is Kailey as she appeared at baggage claim in Tucson. I claimed her for 3 days of incredible fun.

I hated waiting for Christmas when I was 5.  Magically,  the day always seemed to creep closer but not quite arrive.

Cowgirl was one of many different looks we used when working on Mt. Lemmon.

In that same way, I awaited Kailey’s flight into Tucson.  I was in town several days ahead of her.  And just like Christmas morning, she arrived.  We had 3 days of photography and friendship magic.  She arrived like a goddess in gold high heels and a bright blue dress.  Wow.  She turned heads. And she left the airport with me. Tucson with Kailey.  How lucky is that?

I had an airbnb rented with a heated pool.  It was at the base of Mt. Lemmon, which is a perfect place to shoot in nature.  Everything was aligned.

Of course, since Tohono Chul is a Botanic garden, some of the photo settings involved cool looking plants.

Kailey’s flight arrived a few hours before we could check into the airbnb.  So, I took her to Tohono Chul Botanic Garden.  I had scouted the location the day before and knew it had many good spots to get shots.  We decided we would even share some of those with their marketing staff if they wanted to use any of them.   I got lots of shots there of Kailey in her bright blue dress.

The next day we shot in the pool as well as on Mt Lemmon.  I was a bit of a fiend with the camera, but my appetite for it was matched by hers.  I ended up with over 4000 images from my trip in total, but at least half of those were of Kailey.  Ultimately, or I should say so far, I have processed 275 images in my folder of completed Kailey images.  Other models virtually never cross the 50 mark with me.  I’m choosy about the photos I will process and save.  Sienna Hayes is a rather well known national figure in modeling.  I got 82 in my shoot with her, which admittedly did not go as long. This was by far the best shoot of my life, and I heard the same from Kailey.

This turquoise and tile wall was a perfect place for her to perch for a few shots.

Kailey and I just toured the town the third day she was in Tucson…all those shots were from the first 2 days.  And we did find time to drink wine, sit in the hot tub, swim in the pool, go out to dinner and so on.  She is just that good. Tucson with Kailey.  Christmas indeed.

Another Tohono Chul image looking from one garden room into another.

I have waited to post these since I wanted to share them with her first.  She’s come over (and yes, we took more pictures) and now it is time to begin to show you Tucson with Kailey.

The pool was fabulous for photos, with the late sun reflecting off the wall and into the water.