Behind the Scenes Videos

I often shoot little video clips with the model as we work behind the scenes. They tell the story of the fun that we have in the process of making art. Enjoy.

Jewels has a few words to share about a shoot.  She’s in front of the ever-changing graffiti wall.

Jewels and I did a shoot that featured body painting.  Here, she’s applying the paint.

This short little clip of Charlotte actually got a million views on my Instagram page.

One of the first nude models I shot with was Lydia.  She’s a great dancer.  I feel sure you’ll agree.

Since the first one got a million views, let’s show you another that’s a bit less censored than the Instagram version.

Steph has a remarkable ability to wiggle.  Am I correct on that?

Veronika being playful at the Nevada site.

Veronika in the slanted tube.  Steeper than it looks in here.

When we shot a little Christmas themed video for Instagram, Zoe kept forgetting to keep covered.  Took us 4 tries, but we were successful eventually!  Fun afternoon.

Sara by the fireplace and a funny surprise at the end.

Dancing around the Christmas tree.