Perfect skin, jawline and pose. She has all the elements.

The ultimate pleasure for a photographer is creating with a talented and beautiful pro.  I just did a Whitney Masters shoot, and she’s such a talent.

Whitney is from Arkansas.  I’m quite familiar with that spot.  My grandparents lived there, as did other relatives.  I thought I might hear an accent, but not so much.  Chicago has had its way with Whitney’s inflections.  She’s a trained actress.  Academic training as well as practical experience in community theater and commercial film makes her a versatile artist.

Posed in a steel sculpture.

Balance and bravery. Chollas have so many thorns. Her idea to risk it.

My son was in theater, so I’ve seen lots of plays.  Lots of great actors are out there and only a few make it to such a level as to pay the bills.  Whitney’s modeling and acting pay the freight and she’s committed to them.  What separates the pros from the amateurs?  One thing is willingness to take risks and commit.  No matter the nature of the business, you have to be willing to jump off the cliff.  She’s fearless, or at least fearless enough.  She’s about to take another leap and make a move to L.A. to have an even bigger market than Chicago.  More acting may well come her way.

The look, the face, the body. A trio to admire.

This Whitney Masters shoot was her first real desert experience.  We shot among the saguaros and chollas, on the lookout for rattlers (they are actually pretty rare).  I found a rare saguaro with a low, swooping arm.  The blooms of the saguaro are usually 15′ to 25′ up in the air, or higher.  She posed among the cacti without complaint.  She did back into a couple.  There is only one way most of us learn about the cholla cactus, and that is by an accidental touch.  They attach to us with such affinity. Whitney was brave and no complaints about getting poked.

A low swooping saguaro branch makes a great setting. Blooming too!

These photos show her skills.  She’s consistently elegant.  She’s completely comfortable in her skin and  she’s always self assured.  But not a diva.  She’s very willing to hear the photographer’s vision and bring it to life.  After 2 days of shooting, I felt a connection and friendship with her and would welcome her back to my studio any time.  She’s updating her website, so just search her name on Google.  Google knows her well..  Hire her for a shoot or a gig and you’ll thank me tor the recommendation.

A yoga pose in the desert.

Whitney poses on a rock in the remote desert.

We shot many themes in this Whitney Masters shoot.

  • We shot the pool and poolside
  • Inside we shot in the copper tub and the shower.
  • We shot in front of white and black backdrops.
  •  We shot the steel sculpture.
  • Finally, the wild desert.  You could shoot her at McDonald’s and get useable photos.  She’s great.

    A dark and dramatic composition