You are getting sleepy.  That’s the hypnotist’s line when he puts you under.  When you see photos of Sleepy Cat, you will also find yourself hypnotized.  She’s just the right mix of cute, sexy and artistic.

look what I got at the rodeo!

Despite winter, we enjoyed a good day for shooting.  That’s the beauty of a studio in Tucson.  We have some chilly days, but we had 80 degree days in both December and January, our two coldest months.

Sleepy Cat liked wrapping up in a cowhide.  Kitties like fur.  In my web posts, I can show you a selection that shows much more of her than in my Instagram post.

Her smile is infectious.  Though this is a clingy top, it is not the main attraction in this shot.

She looks great in a simple, black and white studio shot.

Her smile and laugh are easy to find.

Finally, you have to know that Sleepy Cat has a brand.  The brand evolved from Strawberry Juicy Fruit, and if you follow her on Instagram you’ll know she has built an entire cadre of images around Porn Gum.  I can’t claim to have really understood what was inside or outside of Porn Gum World, but she’ll be glad to tell you if you do a shoot together.  Her new pink shoes definitely qualified as Porn Gum items.

Check out the shoes.,

So shoot with her and you’ll find no one is going to be getting sleepy.

A couple of minutes later, that clingy shirt was coming off.