Zoe’s red hair is vibrant.

Z is not just for Zorro. Here in Tucson, Z is for zgirlmodel.  Photographers who visit Tucson take heed.  She’s a good stop on your trip.  She’s all about “Z’s”.  Even grows a ZZ plant.

I love the shadows she casts with this pose.

Zoe hails from Iowa.  That proves there’s more to Iowa than corn and hogs, and land that floods with regularity.  Maybe it is all that flooding that made the desert attractive to Zoe.

As we Tucsonans expect, a lovely sunny shoot.

Many models claim to be long term in the business, but Zoe really extends that definition.  She started well before turning 18, though generally as a model for an art class.  However she came to the work, she discovered she has a knack for posing.  Take note of hand and arm positions.  Zoe is very graceful and skilled with those, and they come easily to her.

We shot after Thanksgiving, so we included some Christmas themed shots in the mix.  She also wanted to pose on my steel sculptures, and she created some unique images there.  Not easy.  They require balance and strength to really accomplish a memorable pose.  Her poses succeeded.

She also chose to paint her own artwork on the graffiti wall.  The straightforward design looked good in an image.  Not too busy.

We did a cute Christmas video. Zoe took 4 takes before she remembered to keep covered for Instagram.  We laughed at that one.

Euphorbia ‘Fire Sticks’ is a good companion to her color theme.

So, photographers in Tucson and admirers of Zoe, I’m sure you’ll agree that Z is not just for Zorro.